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Fixtures and Results

Congratulations to Cheltenham Knights who have won the League!

Also to Cheltenham Gambits who have won Division 3 with 11 wins, 1 draw and just 2 losses.

Also to Cheltenham Rooks who finished second in Division 1, and Cheltenham Bishops who finished third in Division 2.

A very successful league season for Cheltenham's four teams - two in Division 1, and one in each of the lower divisions. The new season starts in late September. There is a summer rapid play league in the meantime.

Playing competitive chess is great fun and the best way to improve your game - all the team captains are keen to welcome new players into their squads and with four teams there is a good chance you can find the right level for you. Division 2 has an upper rating limit of ECF 1950. Division 3 has an upper limit of 1700.

League rules, results of individual games, and league tables can be found on the North Gloucestershire chess website.

North Gloucestershire League 2023-24

Super League

Cheltenham fields one combined team in this 8-board league


Wednesday 25.10.23

LOST 3.5-4.5 v Wotton Hall

Tuesday 21.11.13

DREW 4-4 v Stroud

Tuesday 4.1.24

Super League Rapid Play (Home)


Thursday 29.2.24

WON 4.5-3.5 v Wotton Hall

Thursday 4.4.24

Away v Stroud

Wednesay 8.5.24

Super League Rapid Play (WH)

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