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References and links

On this page you'll find links to other websites we think might be helpful, as well as other information about the club.

Do also check out our new Instagram site at chess_clubcheltenham where you can see the club in action!

Useful links

English Chess Federation. Club members must join at least at Bronze level if you want to participate in league play or events except for internal club events. ECF provides a regular newsletter and gives provisional and (after 10 rated games) full ratings for both classical and rapid play chess.

North Gloucestershire Chess Association. Our county organisation which runs all the leagues the club plays in and a number of other events. The website has the league rules, full fixtures and other information.

Club reference

The club elects officers at its AGM every September:

President: John Burrows

Secretary: Paul Masters

Treasurer: Nigel Hosken

Team Captains: Rooks - Nigel Hosken; Knights - Jim Beaty; Division 2 team - Graeme Hood; Division 3 team (Gambits) - Ian Gambles

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